Business Appraisals, Revenue, EBITDA Valuation Multiples For Software, SaaS, Cloud, eCommerce and Internet Businesses

Business Appraisal Valuation Multiples Analysis

iMerge strongly believes to accurately reflect business valuations for the software, SaaS, cloud, internet, eCommerce technology sectors a business appraisal service must not be diluted across many industries.  Otherwise, the business appraisal is simply a regurgitation of data via a software program.

Although business valuation methods are an important and a major component of a business appraisal, ancillary knowledge within an industry sector allows the business appraisal to go beyond the baseline data used for analysis. There are many other variables both tangible and intangible that impact business valuation multiples and iMerge’s technology industry expertise enables our advisors to properly adjust the business appraisals of technology companies to more accurately reflect true market valuations.

iMerge Advisors offers a range of mergers and acquisitions technology business appraisal services from a basic $999 report to an extensive detailed analysis priced up to $25,000. To learn more do not hesitate to contact us or complete the contact form above right.

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