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In the dynamic landscape of the technology sector, iMerge Advisors stands out as a strategic partner for CEOs and Managing Partners looking to accelerate growth through acquisitions. With a core focus on buy-side M&A advisory services, we offer unparalleled expertise and insights, guiding tech leaders through the complexities of acquiring businesses. Our commitment to fostering strategic advantages for clients underscores our role as indispensable allies in the pursuit of impactful growth and expansion in the fast-paced tech industry

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Survey Results

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

Buy Side Advisory

In a survey that iMerge conducted, a large percentage of firms engage with M&A buy side firms, however, buy-side sourced deals ranked the least successful as opposed to internally (33%) or sell-side (43%) generated deals. The M&A buy-side industry has migrated to a “throw spaghetti at the wall” and see what gets bought approach by signing dozens of buy-side agreements. This lack of focus dilutes the effectiveness and focus.  iMerge’s buy-side process is precision focused toward success.


Of Firms & Corporations Pay Buy-Side Fees


but only 24% of buyside firms are successful in delivering a Bolt On or Platform Acquisition

Buy-Side M&A Advisors

A Team Of Professionals

Michael Gravel

Michael Gravel

Managing Director

Buy side advisor, Michael is founder and managing director of iMerge Advisors who brings over 25  years of senior level executive operations, fund raising, private equity, venture capital, M&A and investment banking experience within the technology sector.

Todd Lorbach

Todd Lorbach

Managing Director

Todd Lorbach is a managing director with iMerge Advisors and brings significant transaction expertise with twenty years of experience in software, private equity, negotiation and international strategies.  Prior to iMerge Advisors.  Mr Lorbach spent eight years as the senior international sales and operations executive for Datastream Systems.

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What We Do Best 

Buy side advisory


Laser focus approach

Connecting Directly to Potential Sellers Through Referrals, Email, InMail, Snail Mail & Social Media

Business for Sale Monitoring

Monitor Numerous Websites For New Listings That Make Good Platform or Bolt-On Acquistions

Industry Conference Monitoring

Monitor Industry Conferences For Rising Stars & Potential New Disruptive Companies


Sell Side Advisor Outreach

Consistently Engage With Sell-Side Firms For Potential First Looks At New Opportunities

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor Founders, Co-Founders Musings & Writings For Hints They Maybe Ready To Sell

Heatmap Reports

Receive A HeatMap Report On Who Is Cool To Hot In Considering An Exit From The Business With Expected Timeline