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Mergers Acquisitions Process Methodology

Mergers Acquisitions Process Methodology

As part of iMerge’s m&a process methodology, we always consider the interests of our clients to be paramount.  Since no two transactions are alike, our advisors take into consideration every aspect of your interests and concerns including company culture, valuation, deal structure, tax, legal, management, and employees.

Initial Interview

As a result of our niche focus, it will not be necessary for you to spend an inordinate amount of time “teaching” us what your business does.  Instead, we will focus on your interest and concerns listed above as well as get into the detailed review of your financials.


Utilizing our decades of combined experience we package your business with a detailed defense of value, thereby maximizing price.  Taking this experience with backgrounds in operations, management and as entrepreneurs, we are able to anticipate buyer’s questions, concerns and maneuvers ahead of time.

Plugging Your Business To Our Database of 5000+ Buyers

As a result of consistently presenting quality growing and profitable businesses within our niche, iMerge Advisors has a very attentive audience of buyers looking for businesses like yours.  In addition, to this database, your business may be marketed to strategic buyers as well as presented in various M&A web portals.  Often times, a buyer in the deep left field comes running in with a terrific deal that wasn’t on the radar but makes perfect sense afterward.  One of the most unique for iMerge occurred a few years ago when we completed a $17 million dollar transaction in which our client, a mobile content (ringtones, etc) company, was sold to the public company Lavalife.

Managing Buyers & the Deal Funnel

As entrepreneurs ourselves we know there is never enough time in the day.  Therefore our objective is your continued focus on running the day to day operation, while we carefully screen buyers, answer their due diligence questions and move them through the funnel.  Only those qualified buyers who remain serious are introduced to the company.


We enter the most critical component of the of the entire process thoroughly prepared.  The arsenal of defending value has already been determined, so during the screening process with buyers, we take the opportunity to capture as much information as possible, their objectives, goals, and style.  Why do they want to buy your business?  What is their BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement)? We are not looking to go to war where someone wins and the other loses, but to look at all the details and components that make up a deal in which we customize a solution for each side via your negotiations.

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