Sell Your Business

The search term sells your business is obviously a typo for those coming up short a “r” when entering a keyword search in Google.  In working closely with our clients over the years we notice that few consider typos when it comes to both PPC campaigns and SEO efforts. The term sell you business according to Google receives over 5000 searches a month and has a low competition rating.

As part of positioning a technology business for sale one of the many areas iMerge focuses on is optimizing paid advertising campaigns, and if you have a business and employees using this pay stub creator can be helpful to manage this. Too often our clients are spending large amounts of money on short-tail. Broad keywords result in negative ROIs for that particular keyword.  The opposite is also true in that clients do not calculate the lifetime value of a customer. And disable keywords that on the surface appear to be money losers.

Take a closer look at the term “sell you business”. It becomes evident that uber eats revenue generates good results in both organic SEO rankings and paid search advertising. When setting up Webrageous PPC for attorneys. Be sure to select the exact match and not a broad match for these terms. Selecting a broad match will result in Google displaying your ad for all keywords with sell business in them.

iMerge Advisors is an m and a firm that focuses exclusively on the technology sector such as SaaS. Internet and software business with revenues greater than $2 million.  So if you want to “sell you business” please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary valuation report.  Also, you may download our business valuation report white paper to learn more.