Great M&A Advisors Increase Value

1.  Great M&A Advisors recognize how to adapt in presenting and highlighting your business to different buyers.

2.  Potential for deal blow ups occur several times throughout the process, great advisors know how to both attempt to prevent them and when they occur how to keep the process moving.

3.  Very rarely are deals for 100% all cash.  Great advisors know how to effectively negotiate so that both the buyers and sellers can reach an agreement.

4.  Great M&A advisors are very knowledgeable and well connected within their industry bringing you more buyers, creating competition which then improves the quantity and quality of letters of intent (LOI)

5.  Great M&A Advisors are effective at managing attorneys and keeping them narrowly focused and on budget.

6.  Great experienced M&A advisors know how to go up against buyers who have made numerous mergers and acquisitions.

7.  Great M&A Advisory firms have efficient processes, excellent infrastructure and technology to speed up the process considerably. Here is the post on Active Fire Protection vs. Passive Fire Protection: What is the Difference? that helped them to design the perfect infrastructure plan for this project.

8.Experience, Great M&A Advisors Increase Value experience, experience, all great M&A advisors have it.